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We have joint ownership investments with Acini Group in a number of specialty areas.

We have joint ownership investments with
Acini Group in a number of specialty areas.



Core20 is derived from the 80-20 rule. Often 20% can represent 80% of the value. We focus on those drivers that build corporate values:

Communications &
                          Strategic Development Agency

Communications & Strategic Development Agency


Video conferencing has undergone significant improvements are now widely used globally. Yet we believe to only being in the beginning of the way we connect with video camera, what we share, how we share and how we connect during the meetings. There is a spectrum of innovation how to make solutions more user friendly and adept to users unique personal tastes. We are involved in WiZR Connect.

Innovative Solutions

Core20 is an International Full-service Communications and Strategic Development Agency.


Nowadays, knowledge transfer is taking place digitally. We are facing a growing need for digital know-how, thus building the new freelancing economy. For this to happen, we’ve joined our forces in Learnio. We make the pedagogical content easily accessible, with vast choices and flexibility in choosing materials.


Times have changed, and we need to change too! New ways of connecting and networking between talents and companies pop up every day. To make this shift easier, we’ve created WiZR Exchange.


Startups, early growth and born-globals have special opportunities in a greatly digitized globalized markets. Selecting the right candidates, appropriate processes of supporting product and business innovation are matched with operational excellence initiatives. We are involved in Pangea Accelerator.

Existing & New involvements

The common denominator for our target interests is the willingness to change, learn, digitize processes, use proven software infrastructure, and optimize knowledge exchange. Shared practices, synergies across initiatives, and strategic alignment are core focuses for Core20.

From the Founder

A different type of active owner

Accelerating and advancing companies have been a passion for over 25 years. Through the Acini Capital collaboration on the financing side and MASTER WiZR on technology and HR side we are excited about growing the portfolio of companies we engage in.

Excellence in concept &
design development

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